Virtual Reality for Architecture

What we do

TruVision, one of the UK’s leading and award-winning virtual reality studio, provides high quality, quick turnaround and cost-effective VR solutions for the construction industry.

By using our expertise to fully utilise this new technology, Architects, Property Developers and Interior Designers have all thrived from the ability to visualise their plans in incredible detail by virtually stepping into their creations like never before.

We have helped the construction industry not only win tenders and enhance the design process, but most importantly we have allowed your clients to share your vision.

Who we work with



Secure the winning bid by going the extra mile. Give your clients the chance to see and understand your design like never before.

Property developers

Property developers

Help your customer make the right choice in their new home. Ensure you win the sale by offering a fault-free, unique and immersive view of your properties.

Interior designers

Interior designers

Stand-alone images simply cannot give justice to your individual and intricate work. Get up close and personal with your designs in a real-time environment.

How it works

So, you envisaged your project. You pictured it in your head and then you materialised the plans on paper or on screen. Get one step ahead of your competitors by transforming your hard work into an immersive, hyper-realistic and memorable virtual reality experience that they will not forget. It is easier, and surprisingly more affordable, than you could ever imagine.


Send us your building design and deadline needs

We create bespoke experiences tailored to your exact needs - no project is too small or too large. Send us your AutoCAD, Revit or SketchUp design file in 2D or 3D format. Do not worry if you have used another program as our software is compatible with many others; get in touch with us for the full list.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • SketchUp
  • Autodesk Revit

Choose your options

Firstly, select the level of detail from three options: basic, furnished or detailed. Secondly choose a headset to experience your project (such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive) and finally choose from a variety of additional extras, including changeable features ranging from the interior carpet to the exterior brick work.

  • Oculus
  • HTC Vive
  • Samsung GearVR

Receive your quote

We understand that your time is precious, so once your project needs have been fully analysed by our dedicated, expert team, a bespoke quote and timescale will be provided within 3 days of sending us your design.


The magic begins

You give us the green light and we will immediately begin creating your virtual reality environment. Throughout the development cycle, we work very closely with you by keeping you updated on our progress every step of the way. We guarantee the project is delivered on time as specified by you.


We deliver the project to you

Once fine-tuned and quality checked, we will personally deliver the project and spend time familiarising you with your new, simple and straightforward software. Our friendly after-sales support service is included in your package so we are available to help, no matter what your enquiry may be.

Why choose us?

High quality

High quality

We're breaking boundaries with virtual reality, using hyper-realistic textures and true to life models, allowing us to craft the perfect experience for you.

Simple and stress-free

Simple and stress-free

Using new technology can be tough, which is why we make the process as simple as possible allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Quick turnaround

Quick turnaround

We appreciate that deadlines can be short, so our quick turnaround allows us to fit in seamlessly with your workflow.

Tell us about your project

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