The cost of VR is not just for high rise buildings.


Since March, we’ve been working with our clients: United Welsh, on creating VR walkarounds of affordable three and four bedroom houses. Using our services, potential buyers from the general public have been able to see their new home in full, all without having to leave the marketing suite. This leads to our case study on whether Virtual Reality in housing is no longer limited to just the high price market.


In the past, we have been working with clients who are often selling million-pound homes. In the case of Virtual Reality, this tends to be the norm market for where the experience will be used to drive sales. Working with United Welsh, however, has made us realise that VR can be used on a much more widespread basis. Prospective buyers take pleasure in the experience, with the ability to customise the interior surfaces of their house to their own liking. The buyer is also able to switch between the three and four bedroom houses that United Welsh are selling, so they can see the differences in layout and size, without ever having to remove the headset. The customer then has a far more interactive experience with the company. They also save time and money refurbishing surfaces when they move in.



Our Conclusion

The conclusion from this is that the market is rapidly changing. United Welsh took a new direction with us, in which we created a virtual showroom, as opposed to travelling to and being shown around houses. The use of Virtual Reality for housing sales is becoming less expensive and more popular. This, in turn, is encouraging the sales of more affordable housing to increase. This makes for a very exciting time for the housing industry, and we can’t wait to see the results that Virtual Reality brings to the entirety of the housing sector.


United Welsh also wrote about this new direction of the use of Virtual Reality in the housing market. You can read their article here.


Ben Priddy
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