Samsung are set to release the new version of their Gear VR headset! This announcement came on August 2nd with pre-orders being taken on the 3rd and worldwide availability coming on the 19th. It has been 18 months since we first saw the Innovator Edition of the Gear VR headset. So what is new with this release?

The new Gear VR

The new Gear VR

Black and Navy

The new release comes with a big change in colour scheme, Samsung have dropped the white and grey in favour of a Black and Navy approach. The inside of the headset is now black, as opposed to its predecessors white, the result is much more comfortable viewing experience! Another welcome change is an increase in the Field of View (FOV), going from 96 to 101 degrees, this may not sound like much when written, but when put on the difference is very visible.

A few other changes include a dedicated Oculus Home button, to quickly navigate back to the main menu as well as a separate button to open the in-app menu. The track pad is also bigger in size and the headset comes with USB C connection option.

New Gear, New Phone

As to be expected, the new Gear VR supports the newest phone coming out of Samsung, the Note 7, Samsung’s most powerful phone yet. Combined with the new Gear VR, you have the most powerful mobile driven headset on the market. The Note 7, with its 5.7 inch, quad-HD, super AMOLED screen fills your vision inside the new Gear VR, and under the hood it is rocking a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 820, quad core processor with 64GB of storage and a 3,500 mAh battery – A pretty decent amount of oomph.

The Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7

To further boost this already powerful device, is the built in use of the new Vulkan API. This API allows developers to harness every single grain of graphical power they can out of the phone’s hardware.

But what does it all mean

With the improved design of the Gear VR headset, the most powerful handset that Samsung has to offer and the new Vulkan API, the stage is set to allow content creators for VR to make more immersive experiences and to continue to drive the technology forward. has written an excellent piece on what Vulkan is, it is very much, worth checking out.

With more powerful phones being produced and more importantly, the software being made to harness the power of new hardware more effectively, VR content is only going to get better and more beautiful as time passes!

Until next time, friends!


Gary Roberson
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Gary Roberson

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Gary Roberson takes care of the technical aspects of TruVision, he is the spearhead of producing 3D models, managing the IT infrastructure and ensuring we are utilising the most cutting edge technology for our clients, whilst also scouting out all new tech

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