TruVision, the award winning virtual reality company is delighted to be working with HAB Housing. Both Truvision and HAB Housing are at the leading edge of innovation in the building and construction industry.

HAB Housing, stands for Happiness, Architecture, Beauty, and has changed the way the UK delivers new homes. Recently shortlisted in the National Housing Design Awards 2017 for 2 projects, HAB’s mission is to make homes that lift the spirits, are a pleasure to live in and a joy to behold.

Founded by Kevin McCloud in 2007 popular author and presenter of the TV programme Grand Designs, HAB has developments in Oxfordshire, Winchester and now Bristol, The company specialises in volume, custom build houses that are sold off plan.

In 2016, HAB embraced Virtual Reality (VR) as part of their sales toolkit, working with TruVision to bring its HAB housing projects to life.

The innovative use of VR technology is a breaking the mould of standardised, repetitive modes of house marketing and means that customers are able to visualise and walk through their home before the build begins.

TruVision joined Kevin McCloud, Chairman of HAB and the rest of the HAB team along with Graeme Le Saux, Fields in Trust Trustee and former England International Footballer, to open the latest HAB show home in Bristol in April 2017. It was a very special experience to walk around the finished product after building the virtual home experience in July 2016.



The consequences of this for HAB have been high sales in January 2017, with now over 90% of its latest Winchester scheme, Lovedon Fields, being sold off-plan. Why is this possible? Unlike previous off-plan purchases, that might involve standing in a field or in a construction site, HAB using TruVision VR enables the buyer to physically experience their future home in realistic 3D.

Simon McWhirter, Head of Communications and Sales for HAB Housing said:

“This is the first use of VR in a commercial housing sales setting, and it’s having a real and dramatic impact on buyer understanding and confidence in what we’re proposing. We want to build the best possible homes for our buyers, and VR has meant that we’re seeing a deeper level of customisation that really benefits our future residents. It’s fantastic to see.”

As well as having an immersive experience, as they stroll around home buyers can select from different finishes to floors, kitchens and bathroom tiles to see what may suit their own tastes.

TruVision VR, recent winners of a Best Business Start Up Award are looking for similar property developers, construction, architects and interior design companies to visualise their plans in incredible detail and reality, enhancing the way we communicate about buildings and bring them to life like never before.

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Connor Handley-Collins
written by

Connor Handley-Collins

Chief Executive Officer

Connor Handley-Collins is the Chief Executive Officer of TruVision Limited, he co-founded the company in 2015 fellow Director, Gary Roberson. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience into the business, Connor added a large value of management, sales and marketing expertise

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