If you’ve been here before then you may notice that things look a little (or a lot) different. We’d identified internally that our previous website wasn’t quite doing us justice so over the past couple of months we’ve been working hard on a revamped website, not only in its design, but various other aspects as well.

Cleaner design

The most obvious change we’ve made to the site is its look and feel. Though we did receive a lot of compliments on how nicely designed and professional our site was, it was starting to become quite dated. We decided to go for a cleaner, lighter theme, utilising much more white and putting more emphasis on our aqua brand colour. We also used more lighter fonts and gave more breathing room between each section of content. You can see the difference between the old and new design in the GIF below.

Old vs new design

Clearer content

On our previous site the essence of what we do wasn’t explained quite as clearly as it could have been, meaning users could easily have left the site still scratching their heads thinking: ‘I still don’t quite get what TruVision do’. We know that VR is only just hitting the mainstream and is a new concept for many people. With this in mind we wanted to make sure that our homepage made it clear exactly how we harness the power of VR, who we provide our sevices for, and exactly how the process works (and how easy it is!) from start to finish.

New look blog

From now on, our blog will be taking a slightly different direction. Previously we were attempting to post regular short updates on what we were up to and how the VR industry was evolving. However we found that the quality of our posts suffered as producing content as regularly as we have been hasn’t allowed as much time as we would have liked to go into each post. We will now be producing content on a much less frequent basis (probably around every two weeks). We’re going to leave the news updates to the dedicated VR news sites out there (there are plenty of great ones to choose from!) and we’ll be focusing much more on creating in-depth articles on how best to produce VR content, how we think the market will progress and other fascinating topics.

Updated portfolio

Ironically, as we’ve been so busy over the past weeks and months on client projects, we haven’t had time to update our portfolio page to show you exactly what we’ve been up to. We finally bit the bullet and added all of our latest work to our new look portfolio page. Make sure you take a look here to sample some of the great work we’ve created over the past year.

Last but not least… a new 360 viewer!

We’ve ditched the much loved 360 viewer from our home page header and replaced it with an even better one: Google’s VR View, which as well as using your mobile device’s motion sensors to adjust the panorama, supports Google Cardboard! To activate the Cardboard feature, simply tap the icon indicated in the image below and place your phone in a Cardboard device, simple!

New Google Cardboard compatible VR viewer

We will also be posting 360’s of all of our forthcoming projects. You can see one on the portfolio page for our recent project with HAB Housing here.


We hope you like everything new we’ve added and tweaked. Make sure you check out our new 360 viewer and take in the updated content on our homepage, check out all our latest work on our portfolio page and keep a close eye on our blog for forthcoming articles from all of us here at TruVision.

If you like what you see, or have any comments, then feel free to drop us an email at info@truvisionvr.com or fill out our contact form below.

Joe Taylor
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Joe Taylor

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