Teaching students the importance of marine animal conservation through VR


STEMFest is a two-week programme run by the National Marine Aquarium and Building Plymouth. Primary and secondary school students are invited to the aquarium for a day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities based on teamwork and problem-solving.



At STEMFest this year, the idea was that students needed to come up with ways to provide a potential home if ever a giant squid would be brought to the aquarium. Students would go round to different activity stations learning how they would get the giant squid to his home in the aquarium and how to build it. All these stations would teach them skills that they could apply in the industry.

Being part of Building Plymouth, we at TruVision were invited to provide an activity for the students. We wanted to teach them about the range of jobs that there are in the construction industry. For the activity, we asked the students to draw out a plan of a tank for the giant squid. Once they had completed their plan we invited them to put on the VR headset and create their vision of the tank using Tilt Brush by Google.



We have highly enjoyed running the activities and interacting with our young community. It has been great to see so many enthusiastic young people coming up with some brilliant ideas. STEMFest has shown that the future is very bright indeed for the construction industry.

We’d like to thank Building Plymouth and The National Marine Aquarium for inviting us to take part. You can read more about STEMFest here.

Ben Priddy
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Ben Priddy

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