The brief

When buying houses off-plan, potential customers often find it difficult to visualise their new home and have reservations about purchasing a house before they've had the opportunity to see it. HAB Housing wanted to create an innovative sales tool using virtual reality to transport their prospective customers into each house they're building in the new Winchester-based Lovedon Fields development, putting the customer at ease and securing the sale.

The project

We created a virtual reality project for the Oculus Rift which allowed users to freely walk around the interiors and exteriors of the 4 new housing styles. Each house is fully furnished with changeable finishes for the kitchen cupboards and worktops, as well as an alternate interior layout for each house. All of this functionality is accessible through the easy-to-use Oculus Remote.

The result

HAB Housing were delighted with their project and impressed by the quality and ease of use. Since completion, the project is already in use at their offices in various locations and has already helped secure a number of sales.

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