The brief

United Welsh is an estate agent based in Caerphilly, Wales. They were looking to sell a small number of three-four bedroom houses, so we came together to provide a new method of selling the properties to prospective buyers.

The project

We helped allow United Welsh show current three-four bedroom houses that they were selling, to prospective buyers through virtual reality. We created fully detailed walkarounds of the houses so that the buyer would be able to tour the home, just as if they were going to visit it and look around it for the first time. We also were able to give the buyers the ability to customise their home, with the ability to change surfaces within the virtual home.

The result

The success of the virtual reality with United Welsh is very much apparent. The company has since abandoned the showroom they used to use for buyers to look at properties on paper and now use Virtual Reality portacabins to show off homes for sale in virtual reality using our technology. Prospective buyers of the houses have found the experience highly enjoyable, satisfactory and convenient, as they no longer need to meet the estate agent representatives at the house, avoiding hassle with travel and weather.

You really do feel like you are in the house and it’s a brilliant way of being able to customise your new home, choosing tiles and kitchen cabinet styles and seeing what works together. It’s adding a real buzz to the sales office and there’s an added bonus that if it’s raining no-one needs to be wandering around a muddy construction site!

Michelle Collins, Special Project Manager, United Welsh

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